Improve Life Incorporated Promoting Agriculture in School (ILI-Liberia)

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Who we are

Improve Life International (ILI) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in Liberia on October 9, 2008. ILI is registered and certificated with code (051297482) by the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs. ILI strives to be an organization that is inclusive to all to avoid discrimination in any form. ILI welcomes all ideas from many disciplines and encourages gender equity and equality.


ILI works to give hope and restore values to improve livelihoods in local communities in Liberia.


ILI is committed to best practices for development that turn innovation into impact for the improvement of livelihoods in Liberia. In so doing, ILI is to work with other organizations, and local community groups to effectively and efficiently manage available resource for sustainability purpose that cater to complex needs with focus on fighting food insecurity. As an inclusive organization, ILI is to integrate multipronged approach that address development and policy issues for good governance to allow people have practical control over their economy and services for a sustainable standard of living.


Through agriculture programs to increase farmer’s skills, ILI is to focus on developing the minds of people for economic empowerment to improve livelihoods. The program will develop hands-on training plans and guidelines on local and traditional methods of farming to encourage approach of modern and traditional farming style amongst grassroot farmers.


Is to create friendly socio-economic societies by provide technical skills and knowledge to improve the economic status and living conditions of low income earners, and domestic farmers in Liberia. ILI is to improve farmer’s practical control over their economy and services that will encourage a sustainable standard of living.


To train local farmers to be self supportive while implementing sustainable practices that will lead to an improved livelihood and a friendly economic environment.


ILI’s main focus is to develop the minds of people to have practical control over their economy and services; to increase a sustainable standard of living through acquired skills on improved agriculture and other farming related practices.

Philosophy As enshrine in our Article of Incorporation and Bylaw and Constitution, ILI believes in building innovation and sustainability for a “Positive Mindset for Positive Change,” and is committed to the fulfillment of its goals, aims and objectives for the improvement of livelihoods with regards to its values.

Our values:

◊ Accountability to the public;

◊ Commitment beyond the law;

◊ Commitment to the public good;

◊ Respect for the worth and dignity of individuals; ◊ Inclusiveness and social justice;

◊ Respect for pluralism and diversity;

◊ Transparency, integrity and honesty;

◊ Responsible stewardship of resources; and,

◊ Obligation to excellence and to maintaining the public trust.

Code of Practice

ILI, in its uniqueness maintains the best legal practices that is required to be a member of the NOG Network and other legitimate organizations that promote development by meeting requirement for its existence and complies with all laws and applicable national and international conventions, and observe norm, values, and cultures everywhere it operates.

Service Code of Conduct

ILI employs expertise and best practices during service delivery, adheres to policy agreements, and practice the best service ethics in the work of its beneficiaries.